Why read travelsthruhistory.net?

This is an informational blog on historical sites around the UK and Ireland.

You may have asked some of these questions:

  • What historical sites can I visit in the UK/Ireland?
  • Is it worth going here?
  • What is the historical significance of this site?
  • What impact has this site had on local/wider society?
  • Are there any lessons to be drawn from such places?
  • What facilities are available?
  • How do I travel here?
  • How much does it cost?

You may be travelling the world firsthand or vicariously, or planning your next vacation. You’re probably fairly local to the area and want something to do for the day. It could be that you’re a super-hero looking for that essential ingredient that promotes harmony and peace around the world. Or you could just be a history geek like me and learn more about the good and bad points of human nature. Whoever you are, I aim to answer those questions by visiting and experiencing historical sites dotted around these historical and significant islands.

Therefore, my misson is to provide a useful blog that:

  • Informs
  • Educates
  • Builds understanding
  • Brings enjoyment to others

Site Bio

I would always talk to my work colleagues about the wonderful and strange sites and places I would go and visit over my weekends or on my travels. However, I found that a lot of them didn’t know where these places were, but were very interested to know. Therefore I created this blog to give some of these places the publicity they deserve.

Personal Bio

I’m Paul. I like a bit of an adventure. Like most of us, I like to travel, and I do my fair share – I divide my time between the UK and Ireland.

I’ve also travelled to different places around the world from a young age. Combine that with my Filipino heritage, and I guess you could call me a well-seasoned traveller that’s able to look at the world from more than one perspective.

I’m a bit of a history nut too, so when I travel to places, I like to connect with how a place came to be, whether that’s through good or bad. So, I place a high value in understanding and learning from our history to improve ourselves and the wider world around us.